This project was made in 2021, in close collaboration with Nokia Design Team and has won several awards including IF Awards 2022 and Red Dot Best of the Best Packaging Design 2022.
Protected end to end.

 From cardboard box to a service tool. The entire interaction with the product throughout the deployment operations has been re-envisioned to ensure effectiveness of the solution. The hardware presented in the right orientation to the user , avoiding the unnecessary manipulations.
Zero errors on installation.

The precise informations are presented to the user at the right time throughout the installation.This means our user will carry teir work exactly as specified. Explicit icons are exposed to guide the operator through all stages of installation.
Organic Fiber.

When removing the outter box, the product is left with one layer shaped as a sleeve, that is intended to remain throughout the last mile operations. The sleeve will protect the product in 360° during installation.
Effective waste management .

Finally, right before final mount, the sleeve is removed by cutting the straps and is realeasing as a single element. Processing of this sleeve is easy and responsible of the environment.
Forward competitiveness. 

The entire solution has been  re-imagined to maximise the investment on packaging and create a cost advantage towards the market

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